Join Date 2011
Years Active 2013-present
Nationality American
Company Affiliation(s) Stopmotion101 Studios
Notable Films The Renegade, The Dark Knight: Knightfall, Moon Wars: The Future Soldier
Juzzy4 is an American actor. He is one of the leading actors for Stopmotion101 Studios. He worked with several companies in Robloxiwood, including Neverwakening Productions, The Unknown Productions, Route 66 Productions, Neo-Avant Institution, ZZR Studios, Rick Roll'd Productions, and ConFilms.


Juzzy4 first joined ROBLOX for the sole purpose of acting after seeing TheFallen123's Moon Wars. He originally intended to act in his film Moon Wars: Zombie Planet, but the film was already finished. Instead he made his debut in Robloxiwood in The Dark Knight, starring in minor small roles. Over time, he took tips from many other popular actors and directors, and was given roles in films such as The Closet, Knightfall, Clans: Wartorn, Hero's Pride, and Welcome To The Machine, as well as acting in other works such as Free Fall, Hyperblue (Reboot), and The Renegade. He quit Robloxiwood on December 21, 2015, but returned during the summer of 2016.

Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
The Dark Knight: Knightfall 2014 TheFallen123 Film Danny Parker/The Dark Knight Released
Rougue 2014 SuperGoko98 Film Jason Flake Cancelled
Clans: Wartorn 2014 Routess Film Alexander Released
Welcome To The Machine 2014 LordCrossfire82 Film Extra Cancelled
The Eight Pages 2013 TheFallen123 & ThecapcomFreak Series Harry Cancelled
The Dark Knight 2013 TheFallen123 Film Extra Released
Voice Of The Realm 2014 ChildOfGiotto Series Extra Discontinued
Hyperblue (Reboot) 2014 ThecapcomFreak Film Extra Released
The Great Darkness 2014 CosimoValuta Film Rath Released
Hero's Pride 2015 Routess Short Extra Released
Blind Justice 2015 TheFallen123 Film Jason Stone/Blind Justice Released
The Renegade 2015 TheFallen123 Film Frank Released
Showdown 2014-2015 Routess Series Naganori Cancelled (2 Episodes Released)
The Closet 2015 Coollegodude1 Short Extra Released
Moon Wars: The Future Soldier 2016 Endpoint Film Skull Pellicer Released
Hostage 2016 Wholesaleryan56 Short Jason Stone Upcoming
Injustice 2016 Endpoint Film Jason Stone Upcoming
Ember 2016 Endpoint Short TBA Upcoming
The Dark Knight: Apocalypse 2016 Endpoint Film TBA Upcoming
Time Heroes 2017 Endpoint Film TBA Upcoming

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