Justice League: The Golden Age
Teaser Poster by BATMAN21005
Release Date 2016
Director BATMAN21005, Moses747
Film Company MAYHEM Entertainment
Running Time EST: 60-100 minutes
Main Actors TEDOG1232, Joey18916, Jennawishes, Littlegreen1, Antoo2012, EddieScellta, thekiillernoob
Genre Action, Drama
Movie Rating Rank E-13
Justice League: The Golden Age (or simply The Golden Age) is an upcoming film directed by BATMAN21005, and co-directed by Moses747, and is to be distributed by MAYHEM Entertainment. The Unknown Productions will produce the film, which is currently in pre-production.


As the world crumbles beneath the weight of a relentless war, heroes unite as a single entity to prevent the downfall of society in the 1940s.


The film was conceptualized early on in 2014, but was forgotten soon after. After cancelling two of his films, BATMAN21005 came close to leaving Roblox. Actor TEDOG1232 reminded him of the Justice League idea, which sparked BATMAN21005's creativity once again. The film soon began pre-production, and was announced at a later date.

The film has undergone many story changes over the course of production, as a means of perfecting the film.


Upon announcement, the film garnered much anticipation.


Main Cast
Actor Role
Joey18916 Superman/Clark Kent
TEDOG1232 Batman/Bruce Wayne
jennawishes Wonder Woman/Diana of Themyscira
littlegreen1 The Flash/Jay Garrick
antoo2012 Green Lantern/Alan Scott
EddieScellta Lex Luthor
thekiillernoob TBA
Major Cast
Actor Role
chickengoesboom Steve Trevor
funnymellow171 Lois Lane
Coollegodude1 Sgt. Rock
gamemaster387 TBA


  • Some adThe film was originally going to be announced at a special event to be hosted by BATMAN21005, but a forgivable mistake lead to the film's leak.
  • Previous incarnations of the film utilized the titles Justice League: Lamentation Day and the better known Justice League Divided.
  • The original plot would have featured a drastically different plot involving the Justice Society of Earth 2 and the world destroying monster from The Great Darkness. The film's plot has changed various times over production, as a means of perfecting the eventual outcome.
  • The film draws inspiration from the graphic novels Kingdom Come and DC: The New Frontier, while also pulling from golden age comics published by DC.
  • Unlike other DC films made in ROBLOXiwood, The Golden Age is set in the 1940s to seperate it from other Justice League adaptations.
  • Some adaptions come from "Arkham" the hit show on RTS. Which comes from Bruce's storyline to the origins.



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