Joshua World's Worst Nightmare is a film/documentary filmed on June 7th, 2017 by AAK Media and Broadcasting[1] and released for TV on July 7th, 2017. The movie version will be available on July 8th, 2017. It

Joshua World's Worst Nightmare
Release Date July 8, 2017.
Director AwesomeAlexK
Film Company AAK Media and Broadcasting
Running Time 18 minutes
Main Actors AwesomeAlexK, Buddbudd222
Genre Documentary.
Movie Rating Rank E-13
covers Joshua Reed and Joshua World Corporation's many scandals, lawsuits and censorship.


Joshua World's Worst Nightmare starts by introducing Joshua Reed and his company, and their previous scandals on the ROBLOX TV industry. It then continues into how Joshua censored others that did not align with him, and his temper with disagreement. Going on, the documentary then compares this to current events and people and how this is dangerous to industry.

The movie is based on fact, statements, and fellow contributor in ROBLOX TV, Buddbudd222.


This movie was directed by AwesomeAlexK, however features buddbudd222.




  • AwesomeAlexK, as main host
  • Buddbudd222, as guest.




Joshua World's Worst Nighmare16:26

Joshua World's Worst Nighmare

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