Jackiepwners is a Canadian ROBLOX film director, writer, and actor who made his directorial debut with his film, The Unstoppables.

Join Date February 8th, 2013
Years Active 2013 - Present
Nationality Canadian
YouTube Channel Jackiepwners ROBLOX
Company Affiliation Jackie Studios
Notable Works The Unstoppables, The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided
Preferred Genre Action, Superhero


Jackiepwners joined ROBLOX in 2012, December 31st as jackiepwnrs before making a new account, jackiepwnrs2, soon to both be left behind. During his old account days, he joined 'military' type groups and had interest in WW2 History. One of his groups made a short film in Movie Maker which inspired Jackie to make one of his own, Wars of WW2. Though his movie was 16 minutes long and was a roblox record, he strived to improve in film-making and soon had to make a new account after forgetting his password, so the Jackiepwners account was made in February 8th, 2013.

During the spring of 2013, Jackie joined more military groups to his interest and met his best friend, pantherblackfire who seemed interested in Jackie's desire to make movies. Sometime after spring break, their film Red Berets: Jungle Soldiers was released at 40 minutes long. At this point, Jackie kept making more videos onto his youtube channel.

In 2014, Jackie was highly fascinated by seeing Endpoint's (formerly TheFallen123) The Dark Knight film. So he began making an unofficial film that had a story similar to The Dark Knight's. But during it's production, it went under development hell. Becoming unworked on for months and soon becoming a waste of space on his computer. During the times, Jackie had joined Stopmotion101 Studios and acted for Endpoint. In 2016 Jackie soon had the motivation to finish his Dark Knight based film because he didn't like the idea of copying. During the summer of 2016, Jackie acquired Sony Vegas and started to learn about how to use it, and soon began to write a story from scratch. The story was The Unstoppables.

To present day, Jackie is in production of making the scripts for the UCU. (Unstoppables Cinematic Universe)

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
The Unstoppables 2016 Jackiepwners Film Released
Squad 41 Origins: Raiden 2017 Jackiepwners Short Released
The Unstoppables 2: Regime Divided 2017 Jackiepwners Film Released
Squad 41 Origins: Magma Flight 2017 Jackiepwners Short Released
Squad 41 Origins: Voxen 2017 Jackiepwners Short Released
Ortazea Academy's End 2017 Jackiepwners Film Upcoming

Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
The Dark Knight: Knightfall 2014 Endpoint (TheFallen123) Extra Film Released
Blind Justice 2015 Endpoint (TheFallen123) Extra Film Released
Revelations 2015 Endpoint (TheFallen123) Extra Short Released
The Renegade 2015 Endpoint (TheFallen123) Extra Film Released
Ember 2016 Endpoint (TheFallen123) Extra Film Released
Moon Wars: The Future Soldier 2016 Endpoint (TheFallen123) Extra Film Released
Hostage 2017 Wholesaleryan56 Officer Jones Film Upcoming
Injustice 2017 Rick120 Extra Film Upcoming
Nominal Scale 2017 Rick120 Norman Film Upcoming
The Dark Knight: Apocalypse 2017 Endpoint (TheFallen123) Extra Film Upcoming

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