Hostage Poster Remade
Release Date
Directed By
50 mins. (est.)

Hostage is an upcoming two-part Crime Thriller directed and written by Wholesaleryan56, and co-written by Endpoint.  It will serve as a canon prequel to Blind Justice.


One year before Blind Justice, Officer Jason Stone is partnered up with an up and coming police officer, Officer Riko Delio, to thwart a bank heist, but quickly uncover that there is more to the heist than meets the eye.


In the middle of Summer 2016, shortly before the release of Moon Wars: The Future Soldier, Wholesaleryan56 was inspired to start a directing career of his own. He brainstormed a crime thriller story revolving around the main character of Blind Justice, Jason Stone, and was granted permission from Endpoint to create the film. Whole collaborated with Endpoint to write the script afterward, and the script was completed in August 2016, with filming beginning on August 14, 2016. The film was split into two parts during spring 2017, with Part I expected to be released sometime during the fall of 2017. Part II is expected to be released in the winter of 2017. The official cast for the film was announced on July 17, 2017.


Actor Role
Juzzy4 Jason Stone
Kvng_North Riko Delio
Jackiepwners Officer Jones
BugaMeister The Commissioner
Twister956 Bank Heister #1
AestheticsGaming Bank Heister #2
Meliorn Mystic


Preview viewings of Part I received positive reviews, with praise to the plot and characters.



Hostage Part I - Official Trailer02:02

Hostage Part I - Official Trailer

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