Horizon is an upcoming historical fiction movie directed by Didikong23.

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Release Date 2017
Director Didikong23
Film Company Beaver Films
Running Time 40 minutes (Est)
Main Actors TBA
Genre Action
Movie Rating Rank M


" Know thy self, know Thy foe. A thousand battles. A million deaths." A Young adult named Mark Kline, joins the American army, and is stationed in Iraq.


Didikong23 started to write the original script for Horizon in 2016, finishing it after December. During the process, Didikong23 decided to get Jackiepwners as the producer. The film was set to be released in 2017( And still is). Later on, Didikong23 decided to completely rewrite the script, because of plot holes, and in general, a poor script. Didikong23 completely differed from the original Horizon script, which was supposed to be connected to the UCU ( Unstoppables Cinematic Universe), however, Didikong23 and Jackiepwners found no way to connect the movies. The movies script will be finished my March 2017






  • Horizon will be a stand alone film, however, it will be in the same universe of a future series, Didikong23 has planed.
  • Horizon will be based twenty years before the the unnamed franchise Didikong23 plans on releasing.
  • UAS ( United Arabic States) is a terrorist organization in the film, and is loosely based upon ISIS

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