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The movie's official logo.
Release Date July 26, 2012
Director popsfootloose949
Film Company Pops Productions
Running Time 8:37
Main Actors Coollegodude1, Ridesandbloopahs, Wholesale12, pug203
Genre Horror
Movie Rating Rank EC
Holiday is a 2012 American horror short directed by Popsfootloose949 under Pops Productions. The film was made for a contest and received mainly negative reviews. It marked the writing debuts of both Pops and Coollegodude1.


In a slight parody of poorly made horror films, four friends go to a hotel for spring break as a masked and mysterious murderer stalks and kills them one by one.




Reaction to the film was mainly negative.


Actor Role
Cool Legodude Coollegodude1 and Popsfootloose949
Rider Bloop ridesandbloopahs, Penguinman653, Throwbackstudios, and Popsfootloose949
Wholey Pugger Wholesale12, Popsfootloose949, and Throwbackstudios
Peggy Pugger pug203 and allisiea
Killer Popsfootloose949, JefftheHamster, Penguinman563, allisiea, and MisterThrowback
Driver Popsfootloose949


A reboot was planned by Pops but was quickly scrapped. It is not likely that the idea will ever resurface.


  • Some filming sessions were ruined due to exploiters that were angry about the actors not being there to play on games with them.
  • The short was not originally intended for a wide critical release, but only to enter a contest held by user Buck10me on the ROBLOXiwood Forum. Even so, the short was the only one to be entered and was not awarded a prize due to lack of participants. As a result, the short was released as an official production.
  • The short was named after the song used in its opening credits, Weezer's "Holiday".




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