Release Date Cancelled
Director Coollegodude1
Film Company Grayscale Productions, The Unknown Productions
Running Time Cancelled
Main Actors TEDOG1232, Littlegreen1, ZzRandomGhostzZ, Spiderboy9
Genre Drama
Movie Rating Rank M
Hello was a 2015 drama film directed by Coollegodude1 and written by Brisingric and Coollegodude1. The film was to be distributed by Grayscale Productions and The Unknown Productions. Brisingric was also attached as the film's producer.

The film was to star TEDOG1232, Littlegreen1, ZzRandomGhostzZ, and Spiderboy9. The film was going to be a reboot of The Friendship Trilogy, and was to follow two friends as they try to make it through their sophomore year while life keeps dealing them blows. The film was cancelled in August 2015, due to the original creator not wanting the film to be made.


Two friends in their sophomore year of high school try to keep their friendly connection as relationships, family issues and a unspeakable tragedy threaten to tear them apart forever.


Main Cast

Name Role
Littlegreen1 Leonald "Leo" Carsen
TEDOG1232 Jacob Pierson
ZzRandomGhostzZ Mia Behm
Spiderboy9 Hunter Terrance

Major Cast

Name Role
BenIsLegit Mr. Thomas
Unknown Angie Wurkert
Routess Harrison Olivers
ChildOfGiotto Tyler Quirbert
Unknown Bella Pors
Unknown Carmen Pierson
Unknown Dr. Emma Carstairs

Minor Cast

Name Role
Unknown Alec Carsen
Unknown Gabriella Carsen
Unknown Matthew Pierson


The film was originally going to be made in late 2014, with BenIsLegit attached as a co-director and writer, but the project never really took off. For several months, Coollegodude1 had expressed interest in becoming a part of the reboot, so Brisingric restarted the project with Cool, and began script writing on May 25th. The film is still in the script writing stage. Set building began on June 13th. On June 15th, it was confirmed the film would be released in early August.

In late June, Bris began casting and casted most of the main and major roles in the film. TEDOG1232 and Littlegreen1 were quickly chosen for the main roles of Jacob and Leo, while actors Spiderboy9 and Jennawishes filled out the rest of the main roles, playing Hunter and Mia, respectively. On June 29th, Bris quit ROBLOX and gave the rights to Hello to Cool. The film was to be released after Stonecreek, however, on August 1st, Bris revoked the rights from Cool and cancelled the film. He stated that "he didn't think the film would be done in the way he wanted it, and would rather the project stay dead."


  • The film's title comes from a song by Evanescence.

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