Grayscale Productions
YouTube Channel Brisingric
Established May 2015
Founder Brisingric
Owner Brisingric
Notable Films The Weight

Grayscale Productions is a film company founded and operated by Brisingric. The company was founded in late May 2015 as a replacement for Bris's old company, Altitude. The company is currently working on their first full-length production, which is currently untitled.


The company originally existed as Altitude, which began in late 2013. Productions released under that name include Dance, Finale, Au Revoir, The Stalker and Shard. In August of 2014, Brisingric (then Olliekins) gave away Altitude and decided to change his branding when he was forced to make a new account in May of 2015. At this time, he gave co-ownership to Coollegodude1. The company's first production was released on June 19th, and was a short entitled The Weight.

After over a year of inactivity, Bris returned and announced that Cool would no longer be apart of the company, and an untitled project was currently in production.


Name Year Director Type Status
Dance 2014 Brisingric Short Released
Finale 2014 Brisingric Short Released
Au Revoir 2014 Brisingric Short Released
The Stalker 2014 Brisingric Series Released
Shard 2014 Brisingric Short Released
Shadows 2015 Brisingric Series Lost
The Weight 2015 Brisingric Short Released
Hello 2015 Brisingric Film Cancelled
Untitled 2016 Brisingric Film In-Production


  • When Bris released information about the company, he said that all films made under Altitude were now under the Grayscale Productions name.
  • The Weight, Shard, The Stalker and the Friendship Trilogy were considered lost in June 2015 when Bris deleted them, but they were re-uploaded in mid-August 2016.

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