Goodnight Saigon
GS Teaser1
Teaser Poster for Goodnight Saigon
Release Date N/A
Director AlmightyNoob
Film Company Hyperion Pictures Studios
Running Time N/A
Main Actors N/A
Genre War, Military, Drama
Movie Rating Rank UC
Goodnight Saigon is a cancelled war film by AlmightyNoob. The film would have followed a group of seven soldiers as they carry out various missions eventually leading to their last.


One of the best marksman the Marine Corps. has ever seen is specially assigned to a small special operations team in Saigon, Vietnam. The war is at it's most intense, and the war effort needs a team like Stealth Recon to help drive out the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese Army. Experience the action, the encounters, and the stories of these seven men as they learn more about themselves in one of the most chaotic places on Earth.


The film was in Pre-Production. AlmightyNoob and ThecapcomFreak were writing the film. Superpenguin55 agreed to build the sets for the film. Zilex1000, TheFallen123, and CosimoValuta agreed to be Creative Consultants but did not have access to the script.

Despite these efforts, the quitting of Superpenguin55, AlmightyNoob, Zilex1000, and Routess caused the film to be cancelled.




Actor Role
TEDOG1232 Captain Jack Flash
TheFallen123 First Sergeant " Sarge" Peter Gunnery
Routess Lt. Robert "Wings" Johnson
CosimoValuta Sergeant Harold Troy
Somekiryu Specialist Marcus "Blitz" Soriano
Superpenguin55 Private Scott "Noodles" Joplin

Corporal Johnathan "Scout" Doe


  • The title of the movie was inspired by the Billy Joel song of the same name.
  • The premise of the movie is inspired off of The Magnificent Seven and Vietnam War movies.
  • Anh Minh Hoa, the love interest to Troy, is Vietnamese for "artwork".
  • Captain Flash's name is inspired by The Rolling Stones' song Jumpin' Jack Flash.

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