Years Active
2014 - Present

Godsavenger is a Robloxiwood actor.


Godsavenger began film making out of curiosity; he saw many people direct while he was an actor. After he directed his first video, I'm The Batman, a ROBLOX Music Video, he found Robloxiwood and made an account.  Later on he started his first show One Piece. A while after the creation of One Piece he decided with Routess to create a new show named Scarlet.

Godsavenger started off as an actor in The Masked Fighter, which that inspired to film himself. As he went on he co-directed a show created by Routess called Hero's Pride.

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
The Masked Fighter 2014 Routess Series Gustang Released
Hero's Pride 2014 Routess Series Dean Cancelled
Showdown 2015 - Routess Series Kato Released

Writer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Rank Status
Hero's Pride 2014 Routess Series Co-Writer Canceled

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