[[File:Ghosts Poster|250px]]
Directed By
Written By
Series Run
July 21st 2017 - Present

Ghosts is a series directed by Kvng North.


After being taken away from their homes for criminal activity. 6 teens go to a corrupted institution run by Division 6 an advanced military and special government. After finding out that the Division is planning to reduce population by spreading viruses throughout the planet the the group teams up with 2 undercover Division agents and and unknown agency to expose the truth and save humanity.


After a long hiatus from, King brainstormed another series idea as Jackson Ross and Deathcrow lost his focus. The series is currently being written, and will debut sometime in 2017.


Actor Characters
Gamemaster387 Caine
Jackiepwners Jay
Wolfiex Tyshawn
Wholesaleryan56 Chad
GoldenNovaii Essence
RainbowGummyBears Nicole
RibgyTheRacoon Agent Woods
iiRapQueen Agent Rider

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