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Release Date N/A
Director EpitomeOfInfamy
Film Company EpitomeOfInfamy Studios


Running Time N/A
Main Actors N/A
Genre Sci Fi
Movie Rating Rank I-16

Genesis is an upcoming 2016 series directed by EpitomeOfInfamy.


When an asteroid impacts the Paragon Astronautics prison ship Genesis, causing it to crash into the frozen planet Epona Prime. Five prisoners must survive alone with no hope for rescue.


Pre-Production of Genesis started May 2015, but some planning was done months prior. Back in May 2015, Genesis took on another name, RoWar Genesis (or Genesis: A RoWar Story), but then due to complications, Genesis was removed from the RoWar universe and became a standalone project. September 2015, the title was officially changed to Genesis, and all ties with the RoWar series were cut. Also during that month, the first draft of episode one was completed. One month later, in October 2015, EpitomeOfInfamy started making some changes to the first draft. After realizing that he'd have to start over to write the best possible script for Episode One, he did so, and the second draft was started and finished in November 2015. However, upon realizing that he hadn't taken advantage of episode one's full potential, he started work on the third draft, which is estimated to be completed in April 2016. February 2016, due to ownership changes, Genesis is no longer a part of StudioARE. Instead, EpitomeOfInfamy Studios has partnered with FuturMedia


Complete Soundtrack will be announced May 2016.




Complete Cast will be announced May 2016


Season 1
Episode Title Description Release
1 Descent The crew of the PARA Genesis must grow to trust each other and work

together to survive on the frozen tundra, Anteus Prime.



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