Gary Bush: The Voul
Release Date December 2011; April 1, 2013
Director KrisBush15
Film Company WRS Corporation
Running Time 6 mins.
Main Actors KrisBush15, RuthlessWarbeast, AngalenaLove
Genre Action, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank EC

Gary Bush I: The Voul (or The Voul of Gary Bush) is a 2011 film written and directed by KrisBush15.  The film stars itself KrisBush15, RuthlessWarbeast and AngalenaLove, and the film was produced by the WRS Corporation.


At a Vortex Security base on May 28, 2031, we learn that Gary Bush (KrisBush15) has just arrived at the base. A general by the name of Ruth (RuthlessWarbeast) asks Gary to state his name, which Gary does. Gary also adds that he must speak to Justgoaway1 immediately. Ruth then responds that he will take Gary to General Rick and see if Gary really must go to the Vortex Security leader.

Ruth leads Gary across part of the base until they get to a door which is shut, and being guarded by a man named Rick (headlesshorseman12), who asks Ruth who Gary is. Ruth quickly says that his name is Gary and that he requested to speak with Justgoaway1 immediately. Gary adds that he's there under a special authority. Rick responds with a 'Very Well' and then escorts Gary to Justgoaway1.

As soon as they get into his office, the Vortex Security leader sends Ruth to go and guard the grounds, which Ruth promptly does. Just then turns his attention to Gary, asking who he is. Gary explains about his name and that he needs Vortex Security's help. Just then asks what kind of help Gary needs. Gary then explains further that he needs their help to stop Instead (Instead243) and be able to bring most of Robloxia to peace.

Just contemplates for a moment before telling Rick to go and let Gary get any equipment that he needs to fight Instead. Rick replies with a 'yes, sir' and Gary tells Just that he is thankful that Just is helping, and that Just does not know how much it means to Gary. 

On the grounds of Instead's castle, Angalena (AngalenaLove) is being held by a rope over top of a brick. Instead then tells Angalena that she is being hanged for not paying taxes, and then asks if she has any last words. Angalena's last words are that when Gary has Instead almost dead, that Instead will tell Gary that Angalena loves him and that he will see her soon. Instead replies with a 'Very Well Then' as the box drops and Angalena is hanged.

The soliders march with many weapons such as tanks and guns, with Gary as their leader, right to Instead's castle. Gary then yells out to fire at will, and the battle begins. Several bombs go off in the castle as it crumbles to ashes, with Instead supposedly still inside. Gary, Rick and Ruth go to the graves of Kris and Angalena, when the film ends.


The film follows Gary Bush as he partners with Vortex Security to take down Instead once and for all.  Originally released in December of 2011, the film was re-released on April 1, 2013 onto the new WRS channel.






  • ZZR Studios and The Mafia Films were credited in the film, although TMF did little to nothing in the film's production. This can be seen in several other KrisBush films. Although they were done entirely out of respect for the other companies whom co-produced.

Movie Link

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-Gary Bush The Voul-

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