Join Date 18 April, 2013
Years Active January 2015 - Present
Nationality Unknown
Company Affiliation(s) Rick Roll'd Productions, The Unknown Productions
Notable Films Obligation, Transparency, Definitions
Funnymellow171 is a ROBLOXiwood actor, currently best known for his roles in Obligation and Transparency.


Funny began his career in acting working with Rick Roll'd Productions, where he made his debut role as Lule Morris in Reflection, before subsequently landing a role in Transparency and as well as his first major role in Obligation.

He is also in-production of Definitions which will be his directional debut.

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Reflection 2015 Rick120 Short Lule Morris Released
Transparency 2015 Rick120 Film Margaret Reed-Willis Released
Obligation 2015 Rick120 Film Tasha Released
Dream Clouds (Reboot) 2016 Rick120 Film Joyce Devine Released

Director Filography

Name Year Director Type Status
Definitions 2016 Funnymellow171 Film In-Production

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