Free Fall
Free Fall Poster
Poster by Rick120
Release Date N/A
Director Ultrazz
Film Company ZZR Studios
Running Time 45:00
Main Actors BATMAN21005, EddieScellta, PickachuGirl, Coollegodude1,
Genre Thriller
Movie Rating Rank I-16

Free Fall is a cancelled psychological thriller by ZZR Studios. Written and Directed by Ultrazz, starring BATMAN21005, EddieScellta, PickachuGirl, and Coollegodude1Ultrazz would serve as Executive Producer.


Pilot Will Wright (BATMAN21005) and his crew (EddieScellta, PikachuGirl, and Coollegodude1) experience turbulence miles above a highly populated area. 


ZZR Studios has been in contact with animators, costume designers, and special effects artists.

Ultrazz appeared on Let's Talk: Roblox (Series) to speak about the film.

Free Fall is to feature the Roblox Animation Plugin throughout the film. Free Fall will be fully Voice Acted.

Ultrazz cancelled Free Fall on July 1, 2016.  He explained his reasons in a blog post, in which he stated that he discontinued Free Fall for it's similarities to the upcoming real life film, Sully.




Actor Role
BATMAN21005 Will Wright
EddieScellta Noah Armstrong
PickachuGirl Beth Aldrin
Coollegodude1 Cody Yeager
BugaMesiter Detroit Control
DonValuta Homeland
Rick120 Senator Chesley
LordCrossfire82 Mark Collins [NTSB]
Rachelmay1 Rose Yeager
Routess Ethan Yeager
BenIsLegit Dave Montgolfier
Funnymellow171 Jane Montgolfier
Triumphyl Grace Montgolfier
Godsavenger Dr. Apollo
Littlegreen1 N/A
Moses747 N/A
Zilex1000 Reporter 1
Poppleworks Reporter 2
Noahisxb Paramedic 1
Tec307 Paramedic 2
RyanA17 N/A


  • Ultrazz had multiple versions of Free Fall.


Free Fall Teaser00:36

Free Fall Teaser

Free Fall Teaser

Free Fall Test Footage01:02

Free Fall Test Footage

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