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Release Date March 13, 2013
Director ThecapcomFreak
Film Company Neverwakening Productions
Running Time 22 min.
Main Actors ThecapcomFreak, Zilex1000, Superpenguin55
Genre Superhero, Action/Adventure
Movie Rating Rank M

Eclipse is a 2013 film written and directed by ThecapcomFreak, and is one of several films that led to the 2013 superhero film, Rescind.


Daniel, a former military man who was taken to a testing facility, escapes from it and pushes a scientist into the machine that turns things into dark matter. A while later, he realizes what he has done when he encounters Equinox, the scientist who can now make black holes wherever he goes. With the help of a man named Zilex, he must stop this villian before his town is destroyed.




Eclipse was recieved well on release.


Actor Role
ThecapcomFreak Daniel
Blitzen Scientist Equinox
AmericanWarshipsFilm Scientist
Superpenguin55 Equinox (2nd Form)/Joe
Zilex1000 Zilex


Eclipse 2013 - A ROBLOX Movie by ThecapcomFreak22:44

Eclipse 2013 - A ROBLOX Movie by ThecapcomFreak

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