Doctor Who (Series)
Screenshot 88
Director TheAmbassadors
Main Actors N/A
Series Run N/A
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 4
Genre Drama/Scifi
Movie Rating Rank E-13

Doctor Who is a 2016 series by TheAmbassadors.


A mysterious almost-immortal alien space-time traveller known at 'The Doctor' wakes up on a strange space station at the end of time.... He doesn't know why he's there and he doesn't have his TARDIS. There's no backup plan - there's nothing. The universe will end and The Doctor will end with it.








Season 1
Episode Title Description Writers Release Duration
1 (Part 1) The Fifth Mission Randomly waking up on space station at the end of time is bound to leave you with some questions.... TheAmbassadors N/A 25 min
2 (Part 2) Atrotov's Truth The question is not 'what is at the end of the universe?'... It's 'who is at the end of the universe?'..... TheAmbassadors N/A 25 min
3 (Part 1) The Energy Makers A deprived and boiling hot Earth is in need of energy... The answer lies within the core. TheAmbassadors, Vedrakkerous N/A 25 min
4 (Part 2) The Ones Who Knock A capsule of time is hidden inside Earth's greatest jewel. TheAmbassadors, Vedrakkerous N/A 25 min
5 (Finale) Three Quarters Three quarters of the human race has disappeared from planet Earth. No-one knows why or how but an elderly couple appear to know more than The Doctor... "This is a global crisis - the governments of the world are gone and I think the pilots of this aircraft have gone too". TheAmbassadors N/A 45 min


  • The Doctor is of the species known at 'The Timelords'.
  • His home planet is Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterberous.


The New Roblox Doctor Who Series Next Year-001:11

The New Roblox Doctor Who Series Next Year-0

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