Dimension Warriors
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Release Date November 12, 2013 (Part 1)
Director Routess
Film Company Route 66 Productions
Running Time 13:55 (Part 1)
Main Actors Routess, Ronaldo322, Gillianrose123
Genre Action, Drama, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank E
Dimension Warriors is a cancelled film directed by Routess and written by Gillianrose123. The film was distributed by Route 66 Productions. Part 1 was released on November 12, 2013 and production did not continue.


Three warriors named Chris, Majesty, and Nikolas come together to defeat monsters who have been released from different dimensions from a failed experiement by a scientist named Terrance. The three warriors have to battle the monsters, and quite possibly the creator himself.


Not much is known about the actual production of the film. The first teaser was released on October 19, 2013, and the official trailer was released on October 27, 2013.




Name Role
Stinky66 Chris
Ronaldo322 Nikolas
Gillianrose123 Majesty, Nikolas's Mom (Rose)
Coolhighpower Terrance
Mario64manluke Scientist
Pumathebee Dark Angel God
Popsfootloose949 Demon King
Shakdaddyswag Majesty's Father
Megadrago12 Blake
Amelia300o2 Elizabeth
MightyWanderer Nikolas's Dad (Kyle)
Jimso Chance
Lolrock21 Dimension Keeper
Nicksoulgem Dimension Creator


Dimension Warriors - Part 1-013:55

Dimension Warriors - Part 1-0

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