Destroy That Planet!
DestroyThatPlanet Poster
Release Date 2016 - 2017
Director Bobtheclumsyman
Film Company N/A
Running Time N/A
Main Actors Bobtheclumsyman
Genre Sci-Fi, Action
Movie Rating Rank UC
Destroy That Planet! is an upcoming 2016 sci fi comedy film written and directed by Bobtheclumsyman


3 teams of aliens are competing against each other on Destroy That Planet!, a saturday night tv show where species from all over the universe compete by causing destruction on a chosen planet with a civilization. The winners get a big cash prize for there homeworld while the losers planets get blown up.

Feeling that the humans have won too many times, an alien race known as the Xaviers join the game show and try to destroy mankind's winning streak.


Pre-production for the film started on the 25th of August 2016.




Actor Role
N/A Michael Bay


  • Most scenes will be shot on the planet chosen for destruction, different sets will be made for specific locations on the planet and at least 1 set to show the entire planet itself for a space battle sequence.
  • Most of the plot will revolve around The Xaviers and one of their competing teams.
  • One of the teams will be Humans who's leader is Michael Bay. This is explained earlier in the film, the aliens that are in charge of the game selected Bay as the leader because of his obsession with destroying things.
  • The film is very different in a way to your average film, the villains are the humans while the good guys are the aliens.
  • The ending to the film is inspired by films Pacific Rim and Armageddon
  • Like Night For Murder the film will include gory deaths
  • The setting to the film is similar to Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder from Saints Row IV
  • The film will have a original soundtrack to it, while some scenes will have music from the youtube music library specific scenes will have some of the music that was specifically created for them

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