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Director TheFallen123
Main Actors N/A
Series Run N/A
Seasons N/A
No. of Shows N/A
Genre Action/Adventure
Movie Rating Rank UC

Defiance is a hiatus series reboot of Destruct Fire, and will be directed by TheFallen123 and written by both Olliekins and Fallen. It will follow Cameron Jackson as he and two new friends attempt to battle the corrupt government.

The first season will premiere in 2014.


Since the world had been almost completely nuked by the coup that destroyed the government almost ten years ago, Cameron Jackson has been a wanderer, never staying in the same place for long. One day, he finds a battle between the government and a resistance group, and decides to join the resistance group in their cause.


The reboot has constantly gone in and out of production since December of 2012, when it was first planned to be made, but then cancelled. It then resurfaced in May of 2013, when Ollie quit and CosimoValuta took over for a while. When Ollie came back, he regained the rights and began working on the project slowly.

On March 11, with the help of TheFallen123, Ollie began writing the script for the film. They wrote it until the 15th of March, when they took a break for around two months, until Ollie finished it up. Set building began around the 10th of May, and filming was planned to start soon. Also around this time, Rick120 was announced as an actor, in a unspecified role.

On June 13th, Ollie announced something that changed what the film was going to be entirely. He was transforming it into a series, with the first season of five episodes. In July, he started and finished filming for the first episode. He also had it halfway done before he decided to stop making it.

In mid July, Ollie decided to give the rights to TheFallen123 because he had lost his passion for the series. Fallen has not set a release date yet, but has shown interests of making the series.



Main Characters

Character Description Image
Cameron Jackson A wanderer who's father was directly involved with the overthrowing of the government. He joins the Resistance and makes friends with Rachel Ellis and Tyrese Wells.
Rachel Ellis The leader of the Resistance. Due to her hard past, she is hardened and very hard to get a emotional reaction from. She meets Cameron Jackson at a battle, and is best friends with Tyrese Wells.
Tyrese Wells Rachel's best friend and her emotional rock. He loves the thrill of battle and is very funny and sarcastic. He soon becomes good friends with Cameron after they meet in battle.
The President The first and only president of Vanidicus, the new name of the country after it was overthrown in the coup. He lives in the capital city of Pompeii, and mainly talks to his Vice President, Thompson.
Thompson The vice president of Vanidicus, who also resides in Pompeii. He loves violence and has a personal grudge against the Resistance and Rachel.


  • The film was attempted to be made three times before this fourth one, twice with Olliekins and the third time by CosimoValuta. This attempt is in fact a series, instead of being a film like originally planned.
  • The series takes everything from the original film and the reboots and changes it to make a cohesive plot.
  • The director changed mainly because Olliekins lost the passion he had for the series.

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