Darkvalk: Dissonance
Darkvalk Poster
Release Date July 30, 2014
Director ThecapcomFreak
Film Company Neverwakening Productions
Running Time 58:43
Main Actors Ahache123, OriginalLSummerS, Spiderboy9, Routess, and JenniferHartson
Genre Superhero, Drama, Action
Movie Rating Rank I-16
Darkvalk: Dissonance is the finale of the Darkvalk series. It replaces the failed project, Darkvalk: Finale, and tells the last half of the second season, in the way Cap wanted it to end. The film was released on July 30, 2014.


Darkvalk is faced with retrieving Amber from the anarchists, however, when it goes horribly wrong, Divinum uses the circumstances to overwhelm the resistance. 


The idea had been in Cap's head ever since Darkvalk: Finale had been cancelled, due to some unforeseen circumstances. When Cap saw the chance to finally create the ending that he wanted for Darkvalk, he took it. Filming began on July 15, 2014. Filming only took fourteen days and finally ended on the 29th of July. 

The film was finished editing and released the next day, July 30th, at a premiere at the Neverwakening Theater, to rave reviews.


Reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with the praises being the storyline, the character development, the action scenes, as well as how the movie tied up the loose ends.

Review Reviewer
"I really don't know what else to say, other than that this movie is definitely the superior ending to the Darkvalk series, and in repeat viewings, I will watch this, instead of the 2nd half of the second season. The visuals, cinematography, script, characters, everything was incredibly amazing. Capcom, you've outdone yourself again. I have no choice but to give this a perfect 10/10! Amazing work!" Olliekins
"This film kept me glued to my screen the entire time, I love how everything was made including the ambiance, though the ending was teary for me it had to end like that. 10/10." Moses747
"10/10 - Shots were good and really captured the key parts of the film. Cinematography at its finest here at ROBLOXiwood and I'm not surprised it came from Neverwakening! A+ stuff!" Tokyodrift7
"Brilliantly made. One extremely minor fault, barely noticeable. Overall a truly amazing way to re-express Darkvalk's story. 10/10" Twister956



Main Cast

Actor Role
Ahache123 Noak Tseko/Darkvalk
OriginalLSummerS Amber
Spiderboy9 Jacob/Vindictum
Routess Visum
JenniferHartson Divinum
AlmightyNoob Salvator
Badass835 Proditorem
Up26 Nick Hylton
Killerslayer9 Mortem



MasterdGram111 jackiepwners
sh0wnmichael CharlieRodriguez


tokyodrift7 Moses747
Olliekins BlueKirbyCats
TheFallen123 backstop99


  • The film started production before season 2 of Darkvalk.
  • The film presents a rebooted version of each character, with the same personalities but different appearances. 
  • As promotion for the film, Capcom made t-shirts of all the characters, with the backs either saying 'Anarchy' or 'Resistance', excluding Darkvalk's, which says 'Justice'.
  • On a hospital set designed by JenniferHartson (Vice President of Neverwakening Productions), there lies a hidden message at the foot of the patient's bed that says 'Jenn is Awesome INDUSTRIES'.

Awards and Nominations

The 2014 BLOX Awards

Award Awarded to... Results
Best Picture ThecapcomFreak Nominated
Best Director ThecapcomFreak Nominated
Best Actor in a Leading Role Ahache123 Won
Best Actress in a Leading Role JenniferHartson Won
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Routess Won
Best Actor in a Supporting Role AlmightyNoob Nominated
Best Film Editing ThecapcomFreak Nominated
Best Storyline ThecapcomFreak Nominated
Best Screenplay ThecapcomFreak Nominated
Best Score ThecapcomFreak Nominated
Best Costume Design ThecapcomFreak Won
Best Visual Effects ThecapcomFreak Nominated


Darkvalk Dissonance 2014 - Full Film58:44

Darkvalk Dissonance 2014 - Full Film

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