Cryptic (series)
Director Tokyodrift7
Main Actors TBA
Series Run September 18, 2014 - ???
Seasons TBA
No. of Shows 8
Genre Drama, Action, Horror
Movie Rating Rank M

Cryptic is a series directed by Tokyodrift7 and produced by Dark Hex Studios. It is a rebooted version of The Dominus, with clearier storyline, new characters and new plot.


If the fate of the world was dumped on your shoulders, what would you do? Kurt and Rev must figure this out. After the Resistance failed and Infernus claimed himself the emporer, it is up to these two unlikely heroes to start a revolution - or die trying.


On September 16, 2014, Tokyo decided to stick to one, solid script and filming style. With his ideas gathered and thoughts organized, he proceeded in releasing the first episode in the shortest amount of time he had before on September 18, 2014. After being pleased with the result, Tokyo proceeded in writing for more episodes. After taking suggestions and advice from the previous series, he feels confident in moving forward. On September 26, the script for episodes 3 - 6 were completed. Casting still open as of September 28, 2014.






Actor Role
Spiderboy9 Infernus
TEDOG1232 Revon Parker
EddieScellta Kurtis Parker
N/A Amy Woods
N/A Isiah Fisher
littlegreen1 Deathnode
zanderman222 Textrode


  • Tokyo had originally just wanted to make a film called "The Dominus (Reboot) and even discussed this with ThecapcomFreak but, in the end he decided to do a series because he wanted his first film to be something new (Sub Zero)

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