Buga and Pops' Ghost Hunting Adventure
Buga And Pops Ghost Hunting Adventure
Release Date
August 17, 2015
Directed By
9 min.

Buga and Pops' Ghost Hunting Adventure is a 2015 short written and directed by BugaMeister, starring both him and Poppleworks. The short was released on August 17, 2015, and recieved mixed to negative reviews.


Buga, the host of the show Ghost Hunters, takes a trip to the Poppleworks Cinema, which has had its construction halted due to supernatural events. Poppleworks, the owner of the theater, joins him on a one-night lockdown where anything can happen.


Bugativeron111, wanting a page on the ROBLOXiwood Wikia, was informed by his friend Poppleworks that, while he did exactly meet the number of productions required to get a page, one of them was one minute too short. In response, Buga improvised a short in ROBLOX Studio as a sort of precursor to Pops and Buga's (and Ultrazz's) ROBLOXiwood Adventure! and also a project he had wanted to make for a short time. The short was filmed and edited on the night of August 16 and released the following day on Buga's channel, IncRoblox.




The short recieved mostly negative reviews. 



A great short with great humor from Buga. Its comedic timing fits in perfectly between the spaces of Ben Bocquelet's "The Amazing World of Gumball" and this short's initial goal, parodies of ghost hunting shows. The only complaint I have is that the captions were a bit slow. Also, the cinematography's style of moving models around in Studio and taking pictures of them in position remind me of a motion comic. Unfortunately for the director, it does not work as well as it would have if he had done actual footage.

Overall, I give this a 6.5/10. It's a good short and a great start for Buga's writing career, though there is definite room for improvement in other areas.

Well, this short had me interested from the beginning, but as the short slowly started moving on, I began to lose my interest in this. With the cliche type of humor, I just couldn't find this funny. The whole thing seemed a bit cheesy to me, and well, a bit unoriginal. The characters lacked movement which made this seem dead. But everybody has to start somewhere, and frankly this is much better from the crap I put out 2 years ago. I look forward to see what you have in the future, but for me right now, this is a 3.5/10. Littlegreen1
This was... Unique in it's own special way. I had a couple grins but nothing really made me laugh at this. Mainly cheap humour in my opinion. Something that did really bug me though was the lack of liveliness in the characters, considering the fact NONE OF THEM MOVED. I was also bored 3 minutes in, so I wasn't very intrigued on watching the whole short. Overall though, depending on the audience it could be enjoyable. 2.3/10 for me. Routess
I have to disagree with Pops I didn't really find this funny at all and it's humor is nowhere near to that of The Amazing World of Gumball. It relies on childish humor and it's very boring and slow paced. The captions stay on for way too long and the use of moving around the camera in studio really annoyed me. Was the set even finished for this film? It had no roof... The characters had little to no movements and the audio abruptly cuts which also bugged me. Overall, maybe a child would like it but for me it's a 2/10. Coollegodude1
Painfully unfunny and hard to sit through, Buga and Pops' Ghost Hunting Adventure is not a good short. The jokes fall flat because of the slow moving dialogue and the slow pace of everything, tighter editing would have worked so much better. The music repeats and repeats, constantly grating on your ears. The seven or eight times the 'Ghost Hunters' thing appeared didn't make it any more original than the first time. The characters barely moved, and when they did, they looked as if they were frozen in place and you moved the camera. Overall, this short needed a lot of tighter editing and perhaps more of a liveliness to it, because as is, this short is as dead as Pops was at the end of this. 1.5/10. Brisingric



Buga and Pops' Ghost Hunting Adventure09:00

Buga and Pops' Ghost Hunting Adventure

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