Director BATMAN21005 and Moses747
Main Actors TEDOG1232 Funnymellow171 Jennawishes
Series Run 2016
Seasons 1
No. of Shows Estimated 7
Genre Crime, Drama
Movie Rating Rank I-18
Bridgewood is an upcoming 2016 mini-series to be directed by BATMAN21005 and co-directed by Moses747. The series will be distributed by MAYHEM Entertainment on a weekly basis.


In the small town of Bridgewood, Oregon, Detective Jonathan Blake must solve a violent murder that risks the lives of his ex-wife and child. Distracted by his romance with a young woman, and maintaining a healthy relationship with his son, Blake struggles to keep his sanity and his career.


The series was plotted and conceptualized early in 2016, by creator BATMAN21005, as the director was feeling the fatigue of working continuously on Justice League Divided. BATMAN21005 pitched the idea to Moses747 and actor TEDOG1232, and received immediate approval. On March 13th, Funnymellow171 and Jennawishes were cast as the female leads.




Actor Role
TEDOG1232 Jonathan Blake
Funnymellow171 Alexis Brown
Jennawishes Karen Love
N/A Michael Driver


  • The series was inspired by the success of Rick120's Transparency as well as ThecapcomFreak's Static.
  • Bridgewood will directly reference several other ROBLOXiwood productions through dialogue and visual aids.


Bridgewood (2016) -ROBLOX Mini-Series- Announcement Teaser01:06

Bridgewood (2016) -ROBLOX Mini-Series- Announcement Teaser

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