Release Date 2016
Director LargeVid3osHD
Film Company LargestFilmsProductions
Running Time 46:39
Main Actors LargeVid3osHD, Magicollie76
Genre Action, Comedy
Movie Rating Rank I-16

Bricks are an upcoming film produced by LargeVid3osHD.


In the start of the film, Builderman is seen in his toy factory making electric dolls for children. In a room, there are bloxicins DNA tubes, from which the robloxians and the evil bloxicins last battled, Builderman recalled sticking a syringe in ones arm. While an employee was carrying a doll, he spilled the DNA on the doll, which causes it to become alive. Builderman grabs the "doll" and throws it into an alleyway, bunking its head and losing its memory of terror, descruction, and the memory of his mission to exterminate the robloxians, and instead becomes a robloxian with incredible abilities.


On July 20th LargeVid3osHD posted a video to his main channel stating that he would make a film unless his fans would like to. There were 22 votes saying yes, 2 votes saying no. Later in October, he created the name and the plot of the new film. On the 23rd of October, large posted a video to his film company channel (Largest Films Productions) with the intro of the movie. The intro of the movie only contained clips that were inserted from Roblox Studio. With all the studio clips combined, the film time is currently 46:39.


Actor Role
Magicollie76 Hiker
LargeVid3osHD Lucas
N/A Samantha
N/A Susan
N/A Micheal
N/A Zachary
N/A Joshua
N/A Builderman


  • Based off of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z Manga.
  • Stop Motion will be in the film.
  • Animation may or may not be in the film.
  • Voice overs will be apart of the film.
  • Screenshots will mostly be apart of the movie

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