Release Date August 8th, 2016
Director Dare102102
Film Company Bloodshot Productions
Running Time 6:25 mins
Main Actors Dare102102
Genre Action
Movie Rating Rank EC

Bloodtrails is a 2016 action short film directed and produced by dare102102 and co-directed by JBoyV.


A pair of police detectives from the Paterson Police Department investigate supernatural activity which has been going on for a couple weeks.


Production started roughly at the end of July along with the production of dare102102's upcoming series Firefight. The script was re written over a course of a week, the set was leftover from sky's productions cancelled short film Kenny's beginning.


The film received primarily negative criticism. Most of the comments were asking for voice actors and not proper reviews.

Reviews Reviewers
For your first film, this is alright. I can tell this was made in Windows Live Movie Maker, though, just by the way the subtitles are (believe me, after working with it for so long, it sears into my mind what the default font looks like). I laughed super hard when Lewis lit his cigar in the beginning because of how big the fire was.

However, there are many cons with this. There are several grammatical and punctuation errors in the subtitles, but that's the least of my concern. The film sets really aren't that great, leaving a boring, plot-convenient setting. A few times I could also see the mouse cursor. The soundtrack is... well, it's alright. It fits, at least. Some of the scenes go on much longer than they need to (they weren't edited to end when they should have, such as when Lew walks offscreen, we stare at a grey wall for 3 extra seconds). The acting isn't all that great, but again, it's your first film, so I'll cut you /some/ slack. In all, the film is *VERY* rushed and... made no sense most of the time. Lastly, the credits... 1 1/2 minutes of credits in a 6 1/2 minute film?

Final verdict is, I give this a 4.5/10. Because you made me laugh with the lighter bit in the beginning, that boosted my rating from a 4.






  • Filming took around a week,
  • The plot was inspired by "Supernatural"
  • The original script was written in October of 2015 as an assignment for English class.

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