Before 51
Before 51 Poster 2
The teaser poster for Before 51.
Release Date Late 2013
Director TBA
Film Company TBA
Running Time N/A
Main Actors Unknown
Genre Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank E-13
Before 51 is an cancelled film directed by thecapcomFreak  and is the second installment in the 51 Franchise. The film is a prequel/sequel to the 2012 film Alien in 51, and sees the return of Ryder Moore and Charles Koy learning the story of General Joseph and Commander on their home world Pepar.

Tompengu, the director of Alien in 51, was originally going to direct them film, but on June 27th, Tompengu announced the film's cancellation in order for him to pursue other interests. On July 6th, it was announced thecapcomFreak would direct the sequel with Tompengu being credited as the screenwriter.


Set roughly two hundred years before the events in Alien in 51 on the alien planet Pepar, Inaul (the character Commander) plans to send a representative to the annual Lunos Territories Meeting, and is forced to send his brother, the tough General Joktin (General Joseph). Though, not all goes well at the meeting, and Inaul is forced to choose between his brother and his legacy and decide what is best for his planet.


Pre-production began in August 2012, with Tompengu building a variety of sets. Originally partnered with a design company, Legacy Studios took on production of the effects themselves, pushing back filming from December 2012 to January 2013.

Filming for Tompengu's version started on January 19th, 2012. The filming was stalled for a period of a week in April due to OliveAbuse, who films the movie, being unable to film due to his charger breaking. On June 27th,2012 Tompengu announced he was quitting, which put the film in hiatus status for a short period of time. 

On July 6th, 2012, Tompengu made a blog post on the Roblox Film Wiki which stated that Before 51 was back in production, but this time, it was being directed by ThecapcomFreak.

Capcom stated, in an update video uploaded on August 4th, that this film would not be made until he could get used to Adobe Premiere. This means that the film is on a hiatus for an unknown period of time.

Though, on October 17th, thecapcomFreak announced he was no longer making films, leaving Tompengu to briefly come out of retirement in hopes of finding a new director, but after a lack of community interest in the project, Tompengu shelved it.





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