Before LA
Release Date June 22, 2014
Director Firebreather560, Supergoko98
Film Company HoloHouse Studios, FireFilms Inc.
Running Time 13:49
Main Actors Firebreather560, TehElectricMaster, Supergoko98, Godsavenger
Genre Action, Sci-fi
Movie Rating Rank E-13

Before is a film directed by Firebreather560 and co-directed by Supergoko98, and produced by HoloHouse studios.


Daxter a man with amnesia wakes up in a strange warehouse. Offered 2 choices: Find out who he really is, or return to his normal life he goes on an adventure to find his true identity. What secret does Daxter really hold?

Production History

After the release of the short film Daxter, and the appearance of the character in Firebreather560's Doctor Who series, Fire decided to make a short film to tie up loose ends from both the short film and the episode.

Production on Before started on May 17, with scriptwriting and filming. On May 18, a trailer was released for the movie.. On May 20, Firebreather560 came to Supergoko98 with the offer to let him co-direct Before. The film was then recategorized from a short film into a normal movie.

Part 1 of the film was scheduled for a June 5, 2014 release date, but was finally released on June 22.


Name Role
Firebreather560 Daxter
Nicco890 Young Daxter (uncredited role)
Thololer Sarus
TehElectricMaster Sarus, Raza, Double Sword Guy, Explosions #1-2
Supergoko98 Raza, Icarus, Saum (uncredited role)
Tugesue Chance, Selius
Godsavenger Metal, Horned Villian #1
TheFreezingGamer The Doctor (uncredited)
Sourcecoderobin Valanex (uncredited)
llTheBestNYCGamerll Makara (uncredited)


  • Besides his ROBLOX Record film Super Noob, this is Firebreather560's first film.


Before is a pseudo-sequel to the short film Daxter, and an episode of Firebreather560's Doctor Who series.


Part 1

Before - 2014 Film13:50

Before - 2014 Film

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