Bar Brawl
Copy of mine
Director EddieScellta
Main Actors Wholesaleryan56, Jackiepwners, Rachelmay1, Keniel20067 and RibgyTheRacoon
Series Run March 30th, 2017 - Present
Seasons 0
No. of Shows 0
Genre Action, Drama
Movie Rating Rank I-18

Bar Brawl is an upcoming 2017 Short film written and directed by EddieScellta.


A drunk, cool, and laid back Jackson Ross is attacked by 3 loan sharks he owed money to and defends himself in Freddy's Bar in New Jersey.


The production of Bar Brawl began on January 23rd 2017, and it's expected release date as of January 23rd is April 9th 2017.




Name Character
Jackiepwners Jackson Ross
Wholesaleryan56 Loan Shark #1
darknessninja7 Harley
YoungKeniel Loan Shark #2
AestheticsGaming Loan Shark #3

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