Back to the Future
Back to the Future Poster


Release Date Unknown
Director beckboo91
Film Company ROBLOXia Wide Production
Running Time 120 mins. (est.)
Main Actors captainsky99, beckboo91, and CoolNolan605
Genre Remake, Parody
Movie RatingRank

Back to the Future is an american sci-fi remake of the original 1985 Back to the Future film. It is being directed by beckboo91 and will be released soon.


Marty McFly is an ordinary kid from the 80s, until his scientist friend, Doctor Emmet Brown (Doc), invents a time machine out of a DeLorean car. Doc gets shot by some Noobian "KOers" because he stole plutonium. Marty goes back in time on accident and interrupts his parents so, he won't be born. Now, Marty must play cupid for the sake of his siblings and himself. 


Production for Back to the Future began in July 2016. It will use screenshots and some videos of beckboo91 driving the DeLorean in a first person view. It is planned to have sequels.




Main Cast
Actor Role
beckboo91 Marty McFly
captainsky99 George McFly
beckboo91 Lorraine McFly
beckboo91 Doctor Emmet Brown
captainsky99 Einstien
beckboo91 Biff Tannen
beckboo91 1955 Doctor Emmet Brown


Back to the Future ROBLOX Trailer00:22

Back to the Future ROBLOX Trailer

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