Avenge (Reboot)
Release Date October 9, 2014
Creator CosimoValuta
YouTube Channel UC2qZQlkjuSF-rn-aN_PqcFg
Main Actors TEDOG1232, Littlegreen1
Genre Psychological Drama
Movie Rating Rank E-13
Avenge (Reboot) is a 2014 short film directed by CosimoValuta and distributed by the Neo-Avant Institution. It is a reboot of Brisingric's short film, Avenge.


Jack is sent into a surreal, half-shattered reality after finding his family murdered at the hands of his brother.


Initial plans to reboot the short film Avenge began as far back as December 21, 2012, when Brisingric decided that he would remake the film into a 10-minute short. However, rights to secure a reboot to Avenge were made on June 30, 2014, between a meeting with Brisingric and CosimoValuta.

On July 1, 2014, when Brisingric announced that he was no longer remaking Avenge, the rights were given to The Mafia Films to be used as the plot for the first episode of Assortments (Series). On July 16, the episode debuted, but was later lost after the series was cancelled.

On October 6, the Neo-Avant Institution announced that a proper short film reboot to Avenge would be made, with CosimoValuta writing and directing. Brisingric would only be given a material credit. On October 7, filming concluded on the short and the official poster was released. On October 9, the trailer and the short were released.


Name Role
TEDOG1232 Jack
Littlegreen1 Jack's Brother
Routess Doctor, Jack's Son
Cook57 Jack's Wife, Nurse
Coollegodude1 Godsavenger
Tokyodrift7 Bobtheclumsyman


  • Poppleworks, an actor on the original Avenge short film, acted as an extra in this reboot.
  • This project was entered into a October Short Film contest.


Avenge (Reboot) 201406:11

Avenge (Reboot) 2014

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