Assortments (Series)
Director CosimoValuta
Main Actors N/A
Series Run July 16, 2014
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 6
Genre Drama
Movie Rating Rank M
Assortments (Series) was a cancelled 2014 series created by CosimoValuta and distributed by The Mafia Films.


A collection of various stories that deal with many elements and link to each other in abstract ways.


On June 6, 2014, The Mafia Films announced that it was launching an original series titled Assortments, which would combine the idea of short films into a series-type schedule, with plans to add on directors and writers as the series progresses if the pilot episode was successful.

On July 1, CosimoValuta announced that the first episode of Assortments would be titled Avenge (Reboot), with plans for Season 1 to debut 5 to 6 episodes. The next day, Olliekins was confirmed to co-write the episode with Cosimo. Filming completed July 3, and post-production began. On July 16, the first episode premiered with positive reviews.However, as production on the rest of the series went forward, due to the rushed nature of the show, the overall project quality began to deteriorate rapidly with subpar scripts and footage.

Finally, on July 18, Assortments was officially cancelled only releasing its one episode. On July 20, TEDOG1232 had announced that Assortments would be brought back, with Olliekins slated to direct a new episode.The first episode was later lost when the YouTube channel was taken down, the entire series was cancelled soon after.


Due to the nature of the series, with each individual episode having a different set of characters, there was no recurring cast.


Series Overview
Season Name Episodes Release
1 N/A 6 July 16, 2014
Season Episode Name Director Release
1 1 Avenge (Reboot) CosimoValuta July 16, 2014
1 2 The Heist (Reboot) CosimoValuta Cancelled
1 3 The Last One Alive CosimoValuta Cancelled
1 4 WWII: War Heroes (Reboot) CosimoValuta Cancelled
1 5 The Noob (Reboot) CosimoValuta Cancelled
1 6 Acrimony CosimoValuta Cancelled


  • Avenge (Reboot) was later remade into a new short film with no connection to the episode of Assortments.
  • All intellectual properties licenced to the Assortments series were returned to the original property holders after the series was cancelled.

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