Army of Brothers
Army of brothers dvd
Army of Brothers DVD cover
Release Date 27 Jan 2010 (P1 & 2)
Director Revenger123
Film Company RE Studios, ZZR, RobuxSoft
Running Time 7:44
Main Actors AlienKiller1638, Blackout2000
Genre Action, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank I-16
Army of Brothers is a two-part film directed by Revenger123. It was the first film made by RE Studios.


Aob still

Still from AOB.

Two brothers are thrust into a war with an unknown enemy after they are stuck in the middle of the desert.


  • AlienKiller1638 as Himself
  • Blackout2000 as Himself
  • Darkai21 as Truck Driver
  • Outlawj as Blackout2000
  • Revenger123 as Enemy


Army of Brothers 2: There Will be Blood is the sequel to Army of Brothers.

Roblox army of brothers (1 2)03:40

Roblox army of brothers (1 2)

Army of Brothers Part 1

Roblox army of brothers (2 2)04:04

Roblox army of brothers (2 2)

Army of Brothers Part 2

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