Director Ternous
Main Actors Ternous, Micky16888
Series Run 2014-2015
Seasons N/A
No. of Shows N/A
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
Movie Rating Rank M
Planetary Wars(Also Called Ariavus) is a 2014 - 2015 sci-fi action series directed by Ternous. It is distributed by Jack Z-A Films. The series Is based on Ariavus, Ternous's main war clan. the series is split into 3 parts each depicting a different time frame of the Synthian race. Animations are done by Zacy21 Who works in Cinema 4D and specializes in 3D animations. The series also includes voice acting and is the first series by Ternous to do so.


Ariavus is set from 500,000 BC to 10000 AD, it revolves around a race of humanoids (known as the Synthians), and their leader King Syntha. The series starts off in the year 10000 AD, Yivhas have reached tier 1 species, and have captured one of the great powers known as the Orvas, and are starting their galactic colonization. a soldier named Asova, goes to the King, requesting his help, to stop the Yivhas from advancing to Ariavus. King Syntha takes Asova to a memory dome, were the other great power, had recorded all things that have happened on Ariavus. The king tries to find out were the third great power is located. They both see into the eyes of Sartoona, a ancient Synthian from the year 500,000 BC, and his discovery of the Great Power. they next see in the year 50,000 BC, when the Tavaks, threatened the entire galaxy, and how they were stopped. They next see in the year 10,000 BC, and how the Synthians had a civil war, with Arvat leading them, and how he rose to king and changed his name to Syntha. The Synthians now must find were the third power is and stop the Yivhas.


The original movie idea was created by Ternous, who wrote the script for the series in 2012, for his war group VSF.  The script was cancelled mainly because of inactivity in the clan. Ternous left Roblox in early 2014 following his incomplete RoDawn series. He had stated many returns for another series, examples are Apocalypse Rising the Movie, Roblox My Story and ROBLOX: Valkyria. These films were all cancelled. Ternous has stated in an interview that he was working on Ariavus and a trailer was nearly done, and set to be released on or after Halloween. The first episode to be released in December followed by 2 more. The animator, Zacy21, who is famous for many animations such as Attack of Roblox, is a series maker that Ternous contacted. Zacy21 would be able to go along with the idea, after his Halloween short is released.

In a interview on the Premier of Zacy21's Animation special,Ternous had stated the trailer was postponed till 15th of November, and episodes are to be released after Christmas.

Following the release of The animations, Ternous stated that the Introduction of the series(Trailer) would be released "By the weekend", meaning around 6-9 of December.

Planetary Wars fell into decline in the following month after the release, despite positive reception. on Feburary 21, Ternous stated that Planetary Wars was going under massive changes, including that the series will now revolve around The ROBLOX Assualt Team, after Polymorphic and Ternous started to work together on a RAT Film.


The extended trailer was released on the 9th of December, as Ternous stats " Showing off the Series". reception was Extremely positive, and is Ternous's highest rated production. Some mistakes included small errors such as low voice tone and off stop motion.

I... I have no comment on this. The animations were great, but the falling out of the plane scene was weird.. It was slow that's why. :P But, it's hard to understand the story, voice acting was excellent and the music fits perfect. I rate this 9.9/10 Good job, good luck on the film! :P - Princesman0

First of all, let me say thanks for giving me early access. This short was great, easily one of the best this year. The music fit perfectly with the scenes, and voice acting was excellent(tho at sometimes they were to low) Animations were terrific, good job to zacy21. Tho the running to the ship scene looked a little dodgy, only a little error tho. The story seemed hard to get into, but if you read the plot, you'll know it was set in different times. Overall one of the best shorts this year. 9.8/10 Good job. -Chairmankahl

Pretty sweet, just need to fix up the voicing though. Still, great job 1/.000000001 -RobloMotion


Actor Role
Ternous Commander Arvat/King Syntha
Micky16888 Gaurdian Asova
DIEGO12316 Priavte Zalant

Production Crew

Crew Member Role
Ternous Director, Writer, Editor, Screenplay Writer, Co-Produced
Zacy21 Animator, 3D Modeler and Executive Producer


  • VSF are also synthians in roleplay.
  • The series uses some of the Halo Universes ships, weapons and clothing, and Ariavus are suppose to resemble the UNSC.


Animations of Ariavus00:26

Animations of Ariavus

Roblox- Planetary Wars Preview00:09

Roblox- Planetary Wars Preview

Preview of Planetary Wars

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