Join Date November 14, 2010
Years Active 2010 - 2014
Nationality Unknown
YouTube Channel xArcMediax
Company Affiliation ArcMedia
Notable Works Chaos Redemption, Sentinel
Preferred Genre Unknown

Arclordrpg is a ROBLOX Visual Effects Artist and Actor. He retired from Roblox in mid-2014.


Arclordrpg joined Roblox in 2010. He returned in late 2012 after a period of retirement from the game, and joined The Mafia Films as an actor. He was later fired and afterwards started up his own Roblox effects company. During a time of collaboration with Superpenguin55, he was planning a Robloxiwood Website and had created a new (defunct) Robloxiwood Forum. Due to clashes with other directors, Arclord proclaimed that Robloxiwood was all people who made films, and therefore even people disliked by the community were still Robloxiwood. This did not stop Arclord though from leaving the main community and moving into 3D Animation, before his most recent quitting of Roblox.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Chaos Redemption 2013 Arclordrpg Film Cancelled
Sentinel 2013 Arclordrpg Film Cancelled

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
December 21, 2012: The End of Roblox 2011-2012 DonCurrency Bus Passenger, Salvation Arc Passanger Film Lost
The Rohemian Club 2012 DonCurrency Nelson Meedleson, Stickmasterluke Film Lost
Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace 2013 Zilex1000 Mark Film Released

Misc. Filmography

Name Year Director Rank Type Status
Trapped In The Darkness (Reboot) 2013-2014 Hacker225 Visual Effects Artist Film Cancelled

Awards and Nominations

ROBLOX's International Film Festival

Award Awarded to... Results
Best Short Arclordrpg Won

The BLOX Awards

Award Awarded to... Results
Best Short Arclordrpg Won

The Golden Noob Awards

Award Awarded to... Results
Best Short Of The Year Arclordrpg Won
Best Use of Video Effects Arclordrpg (Chaos Redemption) Won

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