Release Date December 5,


Creator Coollegodude1
YouTube Channel The Unknown Productions
Main Actors Routess, Harry131291
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank EC

Alone is an upcoming short directed and written by Coollegodude1. It's the debut of The Unknown Productions, a company owned by Cool. It released December 5, 2014 to mixed reviews.


A man is held hostage on an alien planet.


On October 10, 2014, Coollegodude1 began writing the script and finished it the same day. Filming began two days later, on October 12th, however nothing was recorded due to glitches.

Filming started again November 26 and ended November 29.

It premiered at The 21005 Theatre, Decemember 5th, 2014.


Name Role
Routess Man
Harry131291 Agent Davis
zanderman222 Agent Nicholson
RuthlessWarbeast BATMAN21005


ALONE opened to mixed reviews, positive towards the concept and twist ending, but negative towards the technical problems, dialog, and not going in-depth enough in the story.



The short has a good concept, especially for a debut, but the execution wasn't... all... that.. great. The main problem with it was the constant fading and the blurfade, when the camera could've just changed angles instead. The dialogue was kinda weird, but like I said, I liked the concept, and the ending. 6.3/10. ThecapcomFreak
For your debut it was decent in my opinion. It had it's flaws like the dialogue where at points it was hard to understand. Also the constant fades made it feel a bit choppy a points too. Some of the scenes were a but laggy as well. Overall: I liked the story, but I wish you went more in depth into it, dialogue needs to be worked on, use less fades and if a shot is laggy just retake it :L. I rate this a 6/10.  Routess
I liked this short. It had technical problems, sure. But I feel the concept and writing more than makes up for it. Also, this is your debut, which is pretty good for... a debut. I give it 8.5/10. BATMAN21005
It was great for a debut. I liked its plot overall. A little laggy at scenes but that is good to oversee. Glad to see you finally putting some stuff out here though. 7.5/10 LordCrossfire82



  • The short is inspired by a Twilight Zone episode, Eye of the Beholder, though it has nothing to do with it.

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