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June 18th 2010
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2013 - Present
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Hyperion Pictures Studios
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AlmightyNoob (also known as 'Uncle Noob') is a ROBLOXiwood actor, writer, and producer. He owned Hyperion Pictures Studios and worked as an actor and is now the current Prime Minister for Neverwakening Productions; an actor for Zilex1000 Productions, and a co-writer and producer for Stopmotion101 Studios

He is sometimes also known for his gameplay commentaries with other ROBLOXiwood members and Team Derp Squad until both ended in 2015. He is a retired member of ROBLOXiwood, only contributing to the works of ThecapcomFreak, Endpoint, and Rick120 in 2016.

AlmightyNoob also was a reviewer, critiquing films in his segment "Uncle Noob Reviews".


In 2013, AlmightyNoob saw the BLOXY winners, and was amazed by the work of the ROBLOX film community. Shortly after he joined the community and began work on his 1st attempt at his directorial debut: The Thunder Noob. The project was later pushed back due to a lack of an animator.

In late 2013, AlmightyNoob decided to create and host his own award show, despite many people's objections of being so new to the community and previous failed attempts by the community. The Golden Noob Awards was launched.

He then proposed and began work on a new project called Checker Knights with Zilex1000 co-directing the film with him. Checker Knights was intended to be AlmightyNoob's directional debut, but Cthulhu beat Checker Knights' in production and was released before Checker Knights.

In February of 2014, AlmightyNoob started up a personal channel aside from his channel for Hyperion Pictures Studios. The majority of the content on this channel is gameplay commentary and a few machinima style videos. Almighty also appears in other gameplays from other youtubers.

On May 8th, 2014, AlmightyNoob handed down the rights for The Thunder Noob to Zyphra as a birthday gift.

In May of 2014, AlmightyNoob began work on Goodnight Saigon . He hired various cast and crew including ThecapcomFreak as a co-writer to the movie.

In late January and early February of 2015, AlmightyNoob was caught in a wiki conflict between CosimoValuta over administrative issues. Due to the stress and unwanted politics that came about in his position of being a wiki administrator, AlmightyNoob retired from the community on February 2nd, 2015. The rights to produce his films were given to Routess, however AlmightyNoob still owns the licensing rights.

On November 2, 2015, it was announced that AlmightyNoob would appear in ThecapcomFreak's upcoming films, Rescind: Elegies and Disharmonies of December and that he'd be making minor contributions to ROBLOXiwood. He has also been announced to be a co-writer for Endpoint's Time Heroes, and future Neverwakening Productions pictures.

Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
Cthulhu 2013 ThecapcomFreak Extra (Uncredited) Film Released
Michael 2014 Brisingric and Stinky66 Rui Richards Film Cancelled
Darkvalk 2013-2014 ThecapcomFreak Salvator, Extra Series Completed
Voice of the Realm 2014 Zyphra/ChildOfGiotto Sir Zane of the Southern Guard Series Completed
The Masked Fighter 2013-2014 Routess Lord Crimson Series Completed
Conmen 2014 Gamerwalk Volpone Film


Flicker 2014 Gamerwalk Extra Short Released
Noob vs. Boon 2014 TheFallen123 Boon Series Completed
Criminal 2014 CosimoValuta Extra Film Released
Static 2014 ThecapcomFreak Jakob 4, Extra Film Released
Shard 2014 Olliekins Alex Ferrier Short Released
Days 2014 ThecapcomFreak Mr. Vick Film Released
Darkvalk: Dissonance 2014 ThecapcomFreak Salvator, Extra Film Released
Orbital Providence 2014 Zilex1000 Commander Joel Warland Film Released
Batman 2014 Routess The Joker Film In-Production
Knightfall 2014 TheFallen123 Extra Film


Shattered Silence: Murder On The 13th Floor 2015 Zilex1000 Constable Jake MacKay Film Cancelled
The Renegade 2015 TheFallen123 Extra Film Released
Annabelle 2015 ThecapcomFreak Mr. Akio Film Released
Rescind: Elegies 2016 ThecapcomFreak Noak Tseko (Darkvalk) Film In-Production
Disharmonies of December 2016 ThecapcomFreak Joshua Church Film In-Production
Moon Wars: The Future Soldier 2016 Endpoint Seth "Skull" Pellicer Film In-Production
The Hood: Memento 2016 Routess Adlai "Memento" Wesley Film In-Production
The Common Enemy 2016 Rick120 Mikael Saxon Film Upcoming
Time Heroes 2016 Endpoint Blind Justice Film Upcoming

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Cthulhu 2013 ThecapcomFreak and AlmightyNoob Film Released
Checker Knights 2014 AlmightyNoob and Zilex1000 Film Cancelled
Goodnight Saigon 2014 AlmightyNoob Film Cancelled
Rescind: Elegies 2016 ThecapcomFreak and AlmightyNoob Film In-Production
Sonder 2016 ThecapcomFreak and AlmightyNoob Film In-Production

Producer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status Rank
Liberation 2014 NipidiaRoda Film Cancelled Executive Producer
A Capcom Carol 2014 ThecapcomFreak Film Cancelled Co-Producer
Revelations 2015 TheFallen123 Short Released Producer
Frost (Series) 2015 TheFallen123/Endpoint Series Ongoing Producer
The House (Reboot) 2016 Rick120 Film Released Executive Producer
Injustice 2016 Rick120 Film In-Production Producer
Shiloh 2016 Endpoint Short Upcoming Producer

Writer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status Rank
Voice of The Realm 2013-2014 ChildOfGiotto Series Completed Co-Writer
Liberation 2014 NipidiaRoda Film Cancelled

Main Writer

Michael 2014

Brisingric and Stinky66

Film Cancelled Co-Writer
Darkvalk: Finale 2013 ThecapcomFreak, CosimoValuta, Zilex1000, and Rick120 Film Cancelled Co-Writer
ROBLOXiwood (Series) 2014 Brisingric Series Cancelled Co-Writer
A Capcom Carol 2014 ThecapcomFreak Film Cancelled Co-Writer
Knightfall 2014-2015 TheFallen123 Film Released Co-Writer
Blind Justice 2015 TheFallen123 Film Released Co-Writer
Sonder 2016 ThecapcomFreak and AlmightyNoob Film In-Production Co-Writer
Rescind: Elegies 2016 ThecapcomFreak and AlmightyNoob Film In-Production Co-Writer
Injustice 2016 Rick120 Film In-Production Co-Writer
Time Heroes 2016 TheFallen123 Film Upcoming Co-Writer

Crew Member Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
Conmen 2014 Gamerwalk Vignette Builder Film Cancelled

Awards & Nominations

The Second Annual BLOX Awards
Work Award Results
Salvator in Darkvalk: Dissonance Best Actor in a Supporting Role Nominated

Derp House

Best Series Nominated

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