Abandon Earth
Abandon Earth Cover
Director tec307
Main Actors JxBosses, zPrinceBreezy, Gamemaster387
Series Run 3/6/2016
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 5
Genre Sci-fi/Thriller
Movie Rating Rank E

Abandon Earth is a 2016 series created by tec307.


Do to heavy pollution, Earth is not inhabitant anymore, which is forcing everyone to leave Earth, except for one 18 year old, Sean who got into an accident, is put into coma, critical condition and will die during launch. His father Robert, unsure whether to stay, or go chooses to leave his son behind, hoping one day to return to Earth.


tec307 thought about making Abandon Earth for some time, then finally decided on it. Episode one will be released on March 6 2016. Season one was expected to end in month of late July, or early August.


Actor Role
Gamemaster387 Sean
JxBossesx78 Greg
ZacharyZed Robert (Sean's Dad)
Jennyv2000 Kristie


Season 1

Season 1
Episode Title Description Release
1 The Beginning Sean, get's into a car crash, and put into a coma.

Sean is in critical condition, and it would have taken a month to recover. Sean being in the coma for 6 weeks, wakes to find out he is all alone on earth, and runs into some pretty hard emotional conflicts.

2 The Second Chance NA NA
3 Insane NA NA
4 The Broken Ship NA NA
5 Who is that? NA NA


Abandon Earth was met with overwhelmingly negative reception. 



While "Abandon Earth" is a slight improvement from Tec's previous work, it still suffers from everything that his previous productions did. A lousy script, horrible grammar, editing errors, terrible set design, and it was just really boring. 0.5/10 Coollegodude1 for Episode 1: "The Beginning"
Episode One of Abandon Earth starts off with two teens who get in a car crash. One teen survives while the other one dies. while this is going on, there is an evacuation of the entire planet, the surviving teen is left on Earth. Alone.

Let's start off with the good. This production is an improvement over the previous productions and I can tell the director has tried to improve his film making skills. That being said, Abandon Earth: Episode One is a long, drawn out mess with sloppy editing and an unrealistic plot.

The episode is just too long. I felt it could have been shortened a bunch by cutting some scenes that didn't contribute to the plot. The director could have clipped some shots at the beginning to remove the inactive shots entirely. Inactive meaning the shots where nothing is going on and there is no visible movement.

The editing was very sloppy. It is very obvious that the resolution changes with every scene. On top of that, the effects were unrealistic (the few that were there), the Roblox GUI was not cropped out in one shot, and there were some continuity errors regarding the walkspeed of the characters changing between scenes.

The dialogue was bad and the subtitles were occasionally unreadable due to parts of them being the same color of the background.

I found the cinematography to be meh at best. There were times that it was bad though and you could improve on. Especially the shots where you have the camera following the main character.

The plot was unrealistic. No father would leave their son on Earth to die. Especially if he's so healthy that a couple days later, he is able to jump out of bed and run around by himself perfectly fine. Speaking of that, the doctor should be fired cause he clearly misdiagnosed the son's condition. You'd think they'd have medical evacuation ships too. 2.5/10

Everything was just damn horrible. I did not understand the story and it has a lack of music. You said you tried to fix grammatical errors but I saw some. I am afraid it has my lowest rating, a 0. I am sorry KryptoDeluxe



Abandon Earth Episode 1-The Beginning18:26

Abandon Earth Episode 1-The Beginning

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