A Night For Murder
Release Date 2016 - 2017
Director Bobtheclumsyman
Film Company Neo-Avant Institution
Running Time N/A
Main Actors Bobtheclumsyman
Genre Horror
Movie Rating Rank I-18

A Night For Murder is an upcoming 2016 horror film written and directed by Bobtheclumsyman. The film will be set in a college campus during a night that most students dread. It is the 1st installment in the Night For Murder franchise that is co-owned by Bob and DonValuta's film company Neo-Avant Institution.


It's that time again for the students of Bellgram Hall. Because of the ever rising problem of bullies within college grounds, teachers have issued a warning to all students on campus to hide themselves in there dorm to protect themselves from the headmaster who wants to kill students so that the college has to deal with less school bullies. Anyone he see's will be killed.

A freshman named Jeff Whilde has just moved in the boys dorm a couple of days ago, with no knowledge or strategy on surviving the night he must work together with some of the dorms boys to keep himself safe from the headmaster and kidnap the headmasters daughter in the girls dorm to find the burial sights to expose the headmaster for his crimes. Will they survive?


Episode Title Description Release
1 A Friend From The Past Kevin Dooney's friend Jeff Whilde comes to Bellgram to study Horticulture. With night approaching, Jeff is unprepared for the night ahead. 30/07/2016
2 The Burial Sites N/A N/A
3 The First Encounter N/A N/A
4 Storage & Corpses N/A N/A
5 Heated Up N/A N/A
6 Like Father, Like Daughter (Finale) N/A N/A


The script for the film started being written after the release of bob's 4th installment in The Noob Franchise. The Noob Movie IV: Second Coming Of Corruptix

The script for the film was finished on the 22nd of June 2016, Bob then focused on producing the sets.

On the 21st of July Bob finished set production for the movie, Bob then started the filming and editing.


Actor Role
Bobtheclumsyman Jeff Whilde
N/A Isaac Rode
N/A Kevin Dooney
N/A Mr. Kev
N/A Riley Kev


  • The film will take place on college grounds for the most part. As the film progresses the characters go to new locations within the grounds (The Boys Dorm and Girls Dorm being an example).
  • A sequel has been considered
  • Due to the amount of violence, gore and the interrogation scene, the movie will be age restricted.
  • The movie tries to keep ranged combat to a minimum (Guns, Crossbows). Instead the film wants the characters to use more close combat oriented weapons for the murder scenes.
  • The message of the movie is to Trust no one, not even your closest friends
  • At first, Riley Val looked similar to Annabelle from the Roblox film Annabelle. To make her stand out more, Bob changed her appearance to make her look more original.
  • The movie is not biased in telling people who to route for, its goal is to promote rationale thought and let the viewers decide who the good guy is from their perspective and decide who's actions are more justifiable.

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