A Gentle Kiss
Gentlekissposter 001
Poster by BATMAN21005
Release Date Late 2016
Director 31Flavours
Film Company Flavours Films
Running Time Unknown
Main Actors xXPie4LifeXx
Genre Vigilante, Crime Thriller
Movie Rating Rank UC
A Gentle Kiss is an upcoming vigilante thriller film originally directed by Twelvetothirteen, and written by BATMAN21005 and Twelvetothirteen, based on a story by BATMAN21005. The film is due for a reboot directed by 31Flavours. The film will be distributed by Flavours Films and follows an ex-prostitute turned vigilante on her quest to rid Las Vegas of prostitution.


After her friend is murdered by one of her customers, a prostitute becomes a vigilante to end Las Vegas' prostitution ring once and for all.


Name Role
xXPie4LifeXx Sara Blake AKA "The Lover"


On July 17th, Twelvetothirteen approached fellow filmmaker BATMAN21005 for help on a new film idea, to go along with new actress xXPie4LifeXx. Twelvetothirteen wanted to make a dark, grounded superhero film led by a female hero. BATMAN21005 conceived the idea within a short time span, and the film began pre-production. The film was announced in a ROBLOXiwood blog post, and a poster was released the same day. Nearly a year later, Twelvetothirteen disappeared, causing 31Flavours to reboot the project.




  • The entire film was conceived in a single day during a brainstorm session between Twelvetothirteen and BATMAN21005.
  • xXPie4LifeXx's debut role.
  • During post-production, XxPie4LifeXx changed her playername to TheFabuluzPie



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