Template:Infobox ActressA_Deer (formerly BlokBlobber) is an American actor, and is the Vice President of Neverwakening Productions.


A_Deer started her time in war clans. Soon after she quit war clans, she joined Neverwakening Productions as an actor. After some time, A_Deer was promoted to Vice President of Neverwakening.

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Static 2014 somekiryu Extra Series Released
Beretta 2015 somekiryu Extra Film Cancelled
White Crows (Series) 2015 somekiryu Adela Series Released
Darkvalk: Dissonance 2015 somekiryu Extra Film Released
Annabelle 2015 ThecapcomFreak Brianna Film Released
Granite 2016 Coollegodude1 Jessica Film Cancelled
The Ghost of Aokigahara 2017 ThecapcomFreak Kiko Film In-Production
Numbers 2017-2018 BenIsLegit Jacquelyn Series In-Production

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