The 51 Franchise
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Release Date January 1, 2012 (A51)

2014 (Reboot)

Director TomPengu, Koprio (A51)

TomPengu (Reboot)

Film Company Arrestare Films (A51)

Legacy Studios (Reboot)

Running Time 27:53 (A51)
Main Actors Moltak118, Thunder162, Tompengu, Futuregatorkid01, ThecapcomFreak
Genre Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank E-13

The 51 Franchise is a ROBLOXiwood film series consisting of the films taking place in the Alien in 51 universe. The films are produced by Arrestare Films and Legacy Studios. The first film in the franchise was Alien in 51, and was expected to be follow by Before 51, a prequel, until it was cancelled in 2013. A reboot of the franchise, The Alien in 51 (Reboot), was announced in September 2014.


The franchise revolves around a civil war between two groups of aliens from the planet Pepar.


Alien in 51

Main article: Alien in 51

The original idea for Alien in 51 was created in 2008, and after three years of trying to get filming off the ground, Tompengu finally took it to his friend Koprio. Koprio created a film studio Arrestare Films, and filming took place. Pre-Production started in June 2011, with filming taking place July-December 2011. Alien in 51 was released January 1, 2012 to positive reviews.

Before 51

Main article: Before 51

Arrestare Films shutdown in 2012, with the idea of a sequel to Alien up in the air. In the summer of 2012, OliveAbuse, a set designer for Arrestare, came to Tompengu with the idea of a new studio, Legacy Studios. After deliberating what the first movie would be, Tompengu came up with the idea for an origin story. Pre-Production started in July 2012, and the sets were built until November, while effects and costume were worked on from December onward. Production stalled in June, and only July 6th, thecapcomFreak was given control of the franchise. Yet, Capcom retired from filmmaking in October 2013, leaving the sequel cancelled.

The Alien in 51 (Reboot)

On September 13th, 2014, Tompengu announced that Legacy Studios would be rebooting the franchise with a remake of Alien in 51. The film, while staying true to the original premise, would feature new plot points and several different changes to the original story. ThecapcomFreak would take over the role of Ryder Moore and Tompengu would play General Joseph. The film had been in pre-production since June 2014, and filming began in September 2014.

Main Characters

Character Description
Ryder Moore Ryder is an engineer at Area 51, and is the person responsbile for figuring out Joseph's plans and stopping them. He is a main protagonist in the series, and the main character in Alien in 51 and the reboot.
General Joseph/Losek General Joseph is the main antagonist in the series, and is a radical who destroys planets in order to make his home planet, Pepar, seem stronger.
Charles Koy A security guard at Area 51 who helps Ryder Moore in defending the base. He is a supporting character in the series.
Commander/Inaul The Commander of the Peparians and Losek's brother, he is responsible for chasing down Losek and bringing him to justice. He is a supporting character in the film, but the main character in Before 51.


"Alien in 51" was met with positive reception.


The 2012 ROBLOX Film Awards

Award Awarded to... Results Work
Best ROBLOX Film Tompengu and Koprio N/A Alien in 51
Best Actor in a Leading Role Moltak118 Won Alien in 51
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Thunder162 Nominated Alien in 51
Best Screenplay Tompengu Won (default) Alien in 51
Best Director Tompengu and Koprio Nominated Alien in 51

The 2013 ROBLOX Film Awards (no results)

Award Awarded to...
Best Storyline Tompengu (tied with ThecapcomFreak and Rick120)
Best Screenplay Tompengu
Best Film Editing Koprio (tied with ThecapcomFreak and DonCurrency)

The film was also nominated for several 2013 ROBLOX Film Awards, including Best Picture and Best Character (General Joseph), but the awards were not given out.


In 2013, Tompengu said it would be "unlikely" for another 51 movie to be made, stating they had no idea where to go from the end of Alien in 51.

However, after announcing the reboot to Alien in 51, Tompengu has mentioned to several directors that he would like to see the franchise continue on with him writing the scripts, but letting other directors handle the film. About the continuation, Tompengu said, "General Joseph created a domino effect in this universe we imagined. He will always be a driving force in the franchise, and Ryder Moore will always be involved, but we have to remember that other planets were involved".