The 2013 ROBLOX International Film Festival
Poster for the 2013 BLOXY's.

Date Held April-July 2013
No. of Award Winners 5 (approx.)
The 2013 BLOXY Awards (also referred to as the ROBLOX (International) Film Festival, or simply, the Bloxys) are a film contest held by the ROBLOX Corporation, as part of the activities being held at the 2013 BLOXcons in London, New York, and Chicago and the Virtual BLOXcon.



The 2013 BLOXY Award.

The sections of the awards are:
  • Chicago/London/New York City: Represent Chicago, IL, London, UK, or New York, NY. (2 minutes max)
  • Short Film/Machinima: Original short story – drama, action, comedy, etc. – built with ROBLOX machinima. (3 minutes max)
  • Trailer: Create a trailer for a game, movie or television series – real or totally fictitious. (90 seconds max)
  • Commercial: Create the ultimate commercial, highlighting Builders Club or the limitless possibilities of ROBLOX. (30 seconds max)
  • Building/physics showcases: Footage of yourself building something awesome – a place or physics contraption (e.g., Rube Goldberg machine) – and speed the footage way up to show the whole process. (1 minute max)


The winners can be found here.

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